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  • Creative imagination
  • a basic aspect
  • of our philosophy


The services offered by Effeitalia are based on the 50 years of experience acquired by Italmarmi, our family business which specialises in pure craftwork products. We know how to do our work, and we do it well. We design marble products and transform stones of all kinds. We also feel that the splendour of this noble and precious element of the earth is clearly evident and enhanced by our work.

Every piece of marble or stone crafted by our artisans is imbued with a history of its own ... and the force of nature. Each piece also conveys a sense of artistic endeavour. There is the same amount of purity in veins of marble as one might discover in the many astonishing motifs present in a painting by Monet. The power of imagination that travels across the world. Thinking of our products, we are aware of a certain envy that may arise on the part of those who observe their effect and we are proud to offer them. Like lovers and the recipients of love. As in a tale that unfolds across the globe, from East to West.

Focusing on the fruits of the designer's and craftsman's imagination is certainly a part our philosophy. We also wish to safeguard the secret of our work, assuming the stance of a prudent head of a household. We are very pleased when we propose our solutions to those who will be able to take good care of the products they acquire, and fully valorising them. Our work may be seen as an activity comprising an artistic dimension and appeal, and timeless factors and elements. One will never grow entirely accustomed to the presence of our creative and decorative solutions; the original admiration and pleasure derived from the refined visual stimuli will always remain.

After almost 10 years of activity Effeitalia now operates on a stable basis in various world markets. Practically anywhere in the world. Our clients are consultants, designers, architects, construction companies and retailers. Other components of our business philosophy are an emphasis on materials and designs that generate a 'sense of beauty' in the interior decor we help to create and on a 'mutual comprehension of cultural preferences and trends', focusing on the particular aesthetic requirements of our clients. Our work involves manipulating masses of stone and marble but we also try to facilitate the creation of stimuli apt to generate historical associations and even a poetic valence. When I consider the clients I have to satisfy and their requests, I sometimes enter a state of mind in which I feel I am the actual recipient of the final product and in this way I encourage myself to work as efficiently as I can.

I look forward to meeting you...
Gaetano Franco.