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Our skills

The services we offer cover a broad and diverse range of works that are carried out on a daily basis. The core of our activity is the planning and completion of interior decor projects. With your own eyes you will gradually see your dreams come true. And the 'magical' final result starts with a rough block of marble or granite. Aesthetically pleasing, monolithic, granitic table tops, pure white flooring surfaces and marbled staircases reminiscent of impressionist landscapes will instil a sense of importance in your home environment. Anything is possible and you will amazed by the artistic effect. Initial technical consultancy is the starting point, during which you can present your own ideas and advice, discussing the project you have in mind with our staff and with a view to creating something that's quite unique. A totally original setting. Our strong points include 3-D design, on-site intervention at construction sites and a search for the most suitable materials in every case. The sort of intervention we carry out and the services we provide are also perfectly suitable in the case of public works. Moreover, our expertise, from which our sense of self-confidence derives, has been regularly confirmed by past clients and will be appreciated by those with whom we collaborate in future.
Thank you. Thanks to all of you who believe in us ... You will not be disappointed.


At our offices the Effeitalia team will “invent and plan a form of intervention that will make your dreams come true”. In the important preparatory phase we combine your own ideas and our suggestions and transfer them onto paper. It will be something quite exceptional and unique.


Effeitalia will remain at the client’s disposal during all phases of a project, collaborating closely with technicians and operators and everyone involved in the work at hand and following the architects and layers. Choosing the right materials, offering advice and perhaps changing perspectives: our aim is to produce a small or vast work of art.

The execution of works

Throughout the project ... from start to finish. We follow the entire process, from initial discussions and the planning stage to the final installation and laying. And that's an important moment. Our exceptionally skilled layers and installers have been doing this work for many years. This is the moment when everything takes form. In a process where passion and the competence of our workers is clearly evident.

On-site surveying and measurements

It is possible to request an on-site survey, which will be conducted using the latest-generation of 3-D instruments. In this way projects are planned and carried out in a meticulous and very precise manner. Nothing is left to chance, and we focus on achieving results with a zero-error margin. Everything has to be achieved in the most professional way. Our employees and collaborators are very good at what they do.

Customized technical design

One of our technicians will be assigned to follow you during the initial stage, in which the preparatory sketches and hypothesized visual effects are studied. The finish, small details and suggested last-minute modifications will all be discussed and taken into consideration. It’s fascinating to watch craftsmen and technicians working hard on something they derive great pleasure from. In many cases - and yours may be one of them - there is also the satisfaction of overcoming intrinsic challenges of various kinds.

3D Modelling and photorealistic rendering

Effeitalia uses highly effective, professional software, the use of which occurs pari passu with a desire to attain aesthetically pleasing and refined results. We can produce very high-quality technical documents and materials. We cooperate closely with our clients; stimulating and successful collaboration between those involved in a project forms an essential part of the creative process. You will be surprised to see photorealistic images of your home or professional premises that present a clear view of the property as you had previously only imagined it in your mind’s eye. Why not come and visit us and we’ll see what we can offer you. We can discuss your plans and ideas over a coffee!